sábado, 19 de marzo de 2011

Using Office Software in Teaching

Nowadays, the use of technology has become a necessity in education. Concerning this, it is important to know how to use technology with educational purposes, in other words, learning technologies (LT).

In this matter, Office offers a lot of alternatives when thinking of using technology in classrooms. Word and PowerPoint are excellent options because allow you to present in a creative and dynamic way the class contents and also motivate your students to participate and learn by themselves, etc.

The strategies to use Office are uncountable and the uses even more. However, what I consider really important is the care we give to the use of the learning technologies. We have to consider many aspects in order to take advantage of the tools we are using, and make our classes a success since our students learn how to use the language in a real and productive way.

Therefore, there are aspects to consider like how to manage technology (ICT basics), the time we have for a class session, the availability we have to use the LT in the classroom as a whole-class or in computer rooms, the ICT skills our students have, and the applications of the activities we present, among others.

In order to do so, or improve your use of ICT, here you are some links that will help you to achieve you goals when using learning technologies.

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  1. You've identified 4 basic aspects we should consider when using any LT:

    1. IT skills
    2. Integration (when? how long? Content?)
    3. resources/room/lab available
    4. pedagogical approach

    Great post!