lunes, 7 de marzo de 2011

Search Engines:

Our friends in the WWW

The World Wide Web is like a huge library, it has lots of information that could be helpful for everybody. However, like in any other library, the searching for information could be horrible if you do not know how to access to it. That is why we, WWW users, have some search engines that make our job easier.
Some of these engines are Google (for any king if files), Yahoo, YouTube and TeacherTube. What you need to know when using the search engines is that they have like an especial searching code, for instance, the use of “” and – are helpful when you are looking for information in a specific category. This will make your searching easier and you will always find the information you need.

To exemplify and give you more information about, here you are some links you could find interesting when using the WWW.

5 comentarios:

  1. Learning how to search and evaluating websites are two important web literacies for both teachers and students.Interesting video on Google secrets. The colon (:) and a word before it (e.g. site) seem to do wonders when searching as well. Thanks for sharing.=)

  2. Hello! yes, I didn't know that those symbols actually helped you search on the net and that is, perhaps, the reason why it took me so long to search for something on the web; because I didn't know how to make my search more simple and effective. If we teachers do not know these tools, then, very little can we help our students search for the right things, find what they are supposed to find without getting lost among the vast of sites and possibilities the web offers.

  3. Exactly Grecia and Miguel, when we learn how to search we make our lives easier. It is amazing the way you can access the info when using these tricks ;) I am glad you enjoyed the video and I hope you take advantage of it and, of course, you students too. Thank you guys!

  4. Hi! I must admit, just like Grecia, that I was unaware of all these bits of information regarding the use of symbols. I ran through a lot of difficulty when searching for information and having as a result many options that I didn't consider 'the correct one'. Thanks for the video, it was cool.