viernes, 11 de marzo de 2011

Cyber Well-Being

The Internet could be considered as a double edge sword. It is a friend and a risk, all at the same time. Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine life without the WWW. Even children use the Internet as any other toy they can play with. This is worrying because though they can use technology for innocent and learning purposes, they are exposed to a lot of contents that are inappropriate for them. Moreover, people in general are also exposed to many different attacks (viruses, cyber bulling, among others) from other Internet users.

That is something we should take care about, especially when using technology in the learning process. So a good way to prevent these problems is by making your students realize about these situations. Teach them how to be SMART when using the web and what to do when being victim of any attack from the web –Internet users.

This could be helpful because in this way you are going to train your students to defend themselves and discriminate about what is right or wrong on the Internet. Of course, it is important to point out that teachers have to be careful with the sites they suggest their students to work with, and their behavior when working on the Internet. That could be a good way to be aware of any sign children or teens send to ask for help.

The following links are some videos that can help when trying to avoid problems generated by the use of technology, and how to teach your student to be SMART. Hope you enjoy them.

4 comentarios:

  1. Yes, definitely, one of the most important tasks is to make parents and students self-efficient at managing the web and its difficulties. Maybe as students develop in the course they will gain enough experience to make proper choices.

  2. That's would be ideal Johann! Make our students able to decide what is right or wrong in the web :)

  3. When teaching street smarts to children we should include Internet to avoid the potential pitfalls this may arise from its use.

  4. That's completely true Miguel. That should be a must when teaching children; if they know how to be safe, their use of the Web will be a good tool for them.