sábado, 9 de abril de 2011

Blogs and Wikis

Online Colaborative Writing Tools

The WWW, as has been mentioned in the previous posts, is an excellent tool for EFL teachers. This is so because the wide rang of possibilities the web offers to us for improving the learning-teaching process. The tools I want to mention today are the BLOGS and WIKIS.

The benefits they offer are many like the practice of the four language skills, although the prevalence of writing upon the others, the use of language through activities that can be done in groups and even as a whole class, etc.

Almost everything you imagine can be done by using a wiki or a blog. But I’m not going to say more, I offer you some videos that will show the importance and the pros and cons you may find by using wikis or blogs. Hope they help you.

Blogs in Plain English

How to Make a Blog

Wikis in Plain English

How to Create a Website (wiki)

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